The Work

Dustin has had the pleasure of working with many teams, community groups, partners, and businesses over the years to grow capacity and achieve goals and purposes. Below is a list of some of the major projects he has worked on.

Family Soccer


Newcomer Recreation Navigators

Hired by Dalhousie, Boudreau Business developed a training module and facilitated a course to help Newcomers learn skills to assist their peers to access recreation. This project was in partnership with ISANS, YMCA Immigration, RAN Committee, HRM and South Shore Libraries.


Federal Conservative Candidate Social Media

Operating as Chief Digital Strategist, Boudreau Business was hired by the Dartmouth/Cole Harbour Conservative Candidate to create and monitor social media during the 2021 federal campaign.



Provincial Campaign Manager

Volunteering, Boudreau Business took lead for the 2021 PC candidate for Clayton Park/Bayers Lake.


Sport Animator

Prior to the creation of Boudreau Business, Dustin managed large budgets, and community relations to enhance recreation opportunities within HRM schools.

Business Meeting
High School Basketball Game


Boards and Committees.

Dustin has served on various committees that supported a wide ray of projects and initiatives, and contributing by providing ideas, resources, and direction.



Having done much of his own business marketing, advertising, and creation of business tools, DC became a self-taught website and micro-site developer. Businesses looking to create or update their web presence get a 1 on 1 relationship with BBI Agency instead of a disconnect from owner to client that often happens with larger companies.

Website Mockup


Community Health Board -


DC Boudreau is an active member of the Chebucto Community Health Board under Nova Scotia Health Authority. The Community Health Boards work together to improve health & wellness where we live, work, play and learn. They gather your ideas and share information about how to improve and promote health & wellness close to home.